5 Cities with Best Quality of Life in the World 2013

A good city, will give a lot of “goodness” for the people, on the contrary, a poor town / city, will give a lot of stress to the population. The world is so vast, there are many big cities you can visit (and perhaps you also live there), but, however, not all the major cities Read More …

Want to Save Some Money? Don’t Live in These Cities!

The most expensive city to living in the world actually changes on a yearly basis. It can be attributed to different factors like the economic growth of the country, and the world as a whole. What should surprise most people however is that the most expensive city in the world 2013 is NOT New York. Read More …

10 Most Affordable Cities in the World

Ever wanted to live in a foreign city but afraid that costs may be too much to handle? Well, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), an authority on cost of living indexes, have published their list of the 10 world’s most affordable cities. 1. Karachi, Pakistan Nicknamed the Gateway to Pakistan, the city is the latter’s Read More …



New York City


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